El Manantial Human Development Center

At El Manantial (The Wellspring), we help people become fulfilled, aware, capable, and useful to the world around us.


¡Hello and Welcome!

If you’re visiting this page, then, like many others, you want to feel more fulfilled, aware, and capable. If you’ve reached this page by chance, we invite you to read about our history and begin a journey that will help you achieve several different goals, as well as become a useful person for the world you live in.

On our page, we include publications with the latest developments in metaphysics, shamanism, spirituality, healing, herbalism, magic, psychic abilities, astrology, self-improvement, and human relationships, focusing on learning and continuous improvement. Additionally, we promote courses that help our students feel happier and more accomplished.

El Manantial Human Development Center

¿Who are we?

We’re an organization committed to improving the quality of life of people. With our methodology, we seek to bring benefits to women and men alike. Discipline, communication, development of mental potential, careful management of emotions, and respect for oneself and the environment are our pillars.

El Manantial was founded by José López Guido, our Executive Director, who also facilitates the courses provided at the Center.

All our programs, trainings, diploma courses, and refresher sessions address issues related to human development, natural medicine, and self-improvement. At our Center, we’ve welcomed participants from different countries in the world.

A select team of therapists provide us with assistance to conduct our activities. Likewise, a group of talented professionals from different fields advise us and supervise our work.

Our results speak for themselves. For over 30 years our methods have been recommended by word of mouth, by the very people who have participated in our trainings.

Some publications you may find interesting!

Did you know that…

…inner peace is within your reach?

…you’re free to sleep any way you want?

…your thoughts and emotions determine how healthy you are?

…you can be as healthy as you wish?

…your self-esteem determines your financial status?

…discipline is the mother of success?

…successful human relationships require accurate knowledge?

…a couple relationship needs maintenance?

…you can influence others’ state of mind?

All this is possible through the training we provide. Our objective is to help you with all these issues so that you are truly free to go as far as you want.

“Getting to know our own essence allows us to experience a fuller life, spark off a more positive reaction in humanity, sustain the—fragile—existence of our planet, and understand that the problem is love and that the solution lies in love.” José López Guido

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We want to help you, listen to you. Contact us for more information about our courses, therapies, the Magic of Love, and our other activities at El Manantial or if you wish to learn more about our work and how we can help you.