Inmunity to Disease

Por José López Guido

Since ancient times, healers from various cultures have been known to be immune to major diseases despite interacting with the afflicted. They have been resistant to leprosy and the various plagues and to current epidemics. Based on these facts, people have frequently asked themselves how these healers have been granted the privilege of immunity to disease, and why they’ve come to enjoy such divine protective shield or cloak.

This we know. More powerful than oils, panaceas, potions, placebos, and even more powerful than magic filters and more potent than any elixir or ointment is our mental attitude that together with a series of practices strengthen our immune system and provide us with a protective halo. This mindset is centered around the following:

MENTAL ATTITUDE: How to think?

To understand this concept, we first need to study what causes a disease. More than the result of contagion, a disease is the effect of persistent negative emotions that produce harmful toxins and over time trigger a mechanism that undermines our health.

POLARITY: Repetitive thoughts—for example, when we obsessively think of someone who has hurt us—cause resentment. A great deal of resentment leads to bitterness, which in turn produces adrenaline that enables us to defend ourselves. Resentment affects others and because it is harmful energy, it also destroys the person who harbors it.

When we incite hatred, we unleash energies that are difficult to contain. The reason is that not only do we release our own emotions but also those of our ancestors[1] who live in the ancestral memory of our cells—our DNA.

If one of our ancestors was a victim of injustice, they express their discontent and bitterness through us. The traumas of our ancestors are genetically inherited (see Genetic Chips in La Magia del Amor or The Magic of Love). When the offended person is extremely resentful, they radiate—consciously or unconsciously—dangerous energy emanations whose aim is to hinder the enemy’s actions. These obstructing energies also impair the quality of life of the person who generates them.

When we wish ill on someone, we’re asking the universe to put limits on our own potential. This is because “We’re all made of the same clay.”

As they say, “Whatever we send out will come back at us multiplied.” Hence, we need to be careful with those thoughts that attract the bad things we wish on others.

ABSENCE OF GUILT: Guilt is an active mechanism of self-destruction.[2] To avoid guilt, we must heed the voice of reason, which is the result of a meticulous analysis of our circumstances. Who will I harm if I do this? Who will benefit from my actions? How will I feel if I do or don’t do this?

When reasoning out what decision to make, the right choice will be the least harmful to the environment and, hence, to ourselves. When the self-destruction mechanism has been activated, we must diffuse it. To that end, we need to make up for our wrongdoings and mend our ways. The actions that benefit the environment reduce the feeling of guilt.

ACT WITH HUMILITY: “Arrogance hastens failure.” “Humility exalts.” “Small things may lead to bigger ones.” “Boundless energy manifests itself in humility.” “If we act with arrogance, life will knock us off our pedestal.”

ABSENCE OF RESISTANCE: Resistance is a barrier, and barriers are caused by antagonism. To be antagonistic is to show opposition; that is, what’s contrary to our thoughts is unacceptable, and what’s unacceptable is resisted. We attract the things that we resist, and resisting entails a degree of hatred. All hate destroys.

THE POWER OF PROGRAMMING: Programming consists in automating a behavioral pattern. Behavioral patterns are acquired by the individual’s repetition of arguments. These include, “I’m useless, nothing goes my way” or “I can get what I want, my dreams become a beautiful reality.”

“What we assert with conviction materializes.” To be able to assert something with conviction, we need to be immersed in deep emotion,[3] because our emotions make our wishes come true.

THE POWER OF RELAXATION: The state of being free from tension is the closest one to God or the Big Energy. We relax when there’s no danger, and in the absence of danger everything moves in perfect harmony: our physical, mental, and emotional bodies can access a space of fulfillment and wellbeing. This happens because intuition projects itself in space and time to solve a problem and helps us tune into the sense of wellbeing that stems from its resolution. It is such projection that provides the solution, and with it comes peace. In this state, we’re able to program, envision, assert, and immerse ourselves in the resolution of our problems.[4]

FEELING WORTHY: We feel we’re deserving when fulfill our duties. These are commitments we all make for the benefit of the environment, society, our ancestors. We have a duty to meet the expectations of others, embrace moral concepts, and use our own reasoning. It’s important to make sure we feel worthy and assert our wishes; to declare, for example, I’m healthy, I’m fulfilled, I’m creative, I want for nothing.

THE POWER OF VISUALIZATION: Visualizing is seeing in images that are created in our mind. It’s like imagining. We picture the results we wish for, but our wishes must not affect others; you can’t, for example, lust after your neighbor’s husband. If you harm others, the energy you used to that end will bounce back at you multiplied. The effectiveness of our result will depend on the amount of energy we use for programming and visualizing.

ENERGY PRODUCTION: We produce energy when we adopt attitudes that benefit the environment. When we harm the environment, we undermine the quality of our life.

BODY CARE: Everybody knows that “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.” Everything that enters the body from the outside—air, food—must be high quality. Our environment should be free from toxic substances, harmful chemicals, and interferences with our electromagnetic fields.

ELIMINATION OF TOXINS: Consumption of foods that favor detoxification, including fiber and water.


AVOID ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION: Increase your distance from electrical devices and transmitters or receivers—of, for example, satellite signals—as much as possible, especially in your bedroom.

These, we believe, are some basic requirements to avoid contracting diseases.

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