Book: The Magic of Love

By José Lopez Guido

The difficult times that we as human beings are experiencing have led us to look for options that are certain, decisive, and transcendental to the improvement of their quality of life.

After 35 years of conducting lectures, interviews, talks, and therapy, José López Guido found out that, in general, his different audiences have similar concerns and problems. In the Magic of Love, he shares solutions to what he considers a common problem of humankind.

His objective is to define, clarify, and contribute to the resolution of the conflicts we all have. This book is intended to help the readers to understand and improve their own nature to, thus, considerably enhance their quality of life.

The Magic of Love, a self-help method, is a revealing individual therapy. It consists of affirmations that deactivate negative emotions and strengthen the positive features of personality.

The information in this book is the result of our need for searching. It is also based on studies of different ancient traditions, experiences of individuals, and the insights of the author, which are very similar to those of the readers. Because we are all cut from the same cloth.

Book Reviews: The Magic of Love by José López Guido

“Let’s think of the experience of living as if we were sailors on a journey crossing the ocean. There will be sunny days and good weather that will help us stay the course naturally—even instinctively—and uneventfully. But, what happens when an unforeseen storm alters the course of our journey? When this happens, we need a compass to find our way again and reset our sails to carry on. The Magic of Love by José López Guido is more than a book, it’s a tool that will help us brave the changes of a rough sea. We can say it’s like a compass and a manual to guide us through moments when misunderstood emotions, stagnant energy, and unresolved conflicts may hinder assertive decisions, as well as our search for a better, much fuller life, which is after all what we all long for.

Nobody is born knowing everything. Living gives us the chance to learn and be ready to appreciate beauty in everything around us; there’s learning even in that which we think is unfavorable. Difficulties exist beyond our control, but we can certainly decide how to face problems and solve them. Indeed, we can appeal to our inner sun to give us back the clarity of a cloudless day for our ship to sail in the sea of life.”

Citlalli Fuentes, Writer

“My guide and partner in life,

You dispel everyday doubts,

Appease uneasiness, tribulations,

Make the thorny road smooth,

Assuage the storm before the shipwreck,

Shed light on the dark passages of ignorance,

And masterfully simplify your teachings

In one beautiful word:


Laura Quintana, Art historian

First edition: January 2000

All rights reserved © José López Guido

Expanded first edition: July 2013

Language: Spanish

Published by: El Manantial / Centro de Desarrollo Humano

Author: José López Guido

ISBN 978-607-96142-0-1

Printed and made in Mexico

First German edition: March 2018

ISBN: 978-607-96142-1-9

All rights reserved © José López Guido

The book is available to participants in our courses. It can also be ordered by filling out the following contact form.

Book: The Seventh Day

Soon to be reprinted. Further information on this book, which was published before The Magic of Love, will be forthcoming.

First edition: 1993

All rights reserved © José López Guido

Language: Spanish

Published by: Hoja Casa Editorial

Author: José López Guido

ISBN 968-6565-29-9

Printed and made in Mexico

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About José López Guido


José López Guido (1955) is a researcher, disciple of Hermetic Philosophy, trainer, healer and transpersonal therapist with more than 35 years’ experience. He has also written several articles & books, including “El séptimo día” (The Seventh Day) (1993) and “La Magia del Amor” (The Magic of Love) (2000; enhanced edition, 2013).

José has developed his own therapeutic method that produces quick, effective, and transcendental results. His method is known as the Transpersonal Therapy (LMA), which was formerly called the Seventh Day Regression Therapy (1985) and was based on the Natural Laws. His therapy is a combination of multiple techniques related to the ancient methods that have been used by healers throughout history.

Over the years, he has dedicated his life to researching and learning from indigenous groups in Mexico and the United States—Yaqui, Mexica, Otomi, Huichol, and Shoshone—, who practice ancestral medicine. Specifically, in 2008, he participated as a speaker and healer at the International Congress on Shamanism and Healing in Mondsee, Austria, which focused on Trauma and Transformation.

Courses and Workshops

José currently provides training in personal growth and teaches several other courses he has designed. These include the following:

  • Inner Liberation Basics I (also available for children and adolescents)
  • Inner Liberation Basics II: Motivation, Self-Control, Communication, and Human Relations
  • Diploma Course on Transpersonal Psychology and the Therapy of the Magic of Love
  • The Ways of the Shaman or Ancestral and Natural Methods of Healing
  • Training of Trainers in Human Relations and Transpersonal Development
  • Refresher Courses and New Methods for Therapists Trained at El Manantial
  • Seminars and trainings in Europe since 2007