About Our Courses

Inner Liberation Basics I

Participants in this course will learn how to have a significant influence on their state of mind, interpersonal relationships, professional life, health, and finances.

The paths to self-improvement are many. This method produces tangible results—and quickly.

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Inner Liberation Basics II: Motivation, Self-Control, Communication, and Human Relations.

Participants in this course will acquire more knowledge about the methodology required to deal with their life more skillfully.

The training received in Inner Liberation Basics I is consolidated through the exchange of experiences and results. Participants also gain more detailed knowledge about the techniques and their applications. Read more…

Diploma Course on Transpersonal Psychology and the Therapy of the Magic of Love

Participants in this course will learn techniques to help themselves and then—if they wish—help others. This training deals with avant-garde healing processes that seek to solve the existential problems of our time from the perspective of Transpersonal Psychology. Participants will also learn how to use a method for healing called the Transpersonal Therapy LMA. Read more…

Forthcoming Courses: