(Rent our facilities)

Those of us who have worked in the facilities of El Manantial know that taking a course in this beautiful place is an unforgettable and transcendental experience.

Working in close contact with nature allows us to rid ourselves of our heavy armors and heal old wounds. The atmosphere created by trees and plants, small ponds, and natural fragrances filling the air brings us closer to our inner selves, and we are inspired to return to the path of knowledge, self-exploration, reflection, and self-realization.

Today, El Manantial is within reach. You can organize your own workshops here because the center is available in between the courses we teach.

We rent our facilities to those who organize activities like meditation retreats, human development trainings, communication or leadership workshops, bodywork, drama, music, painting, etc.

El Manantial was created for group work and to promote individual growth, knowledge, wellbeing, and healing. A course at El Manantial is an opportunity to walk in harmony with nature and benefit from it.

All our facilities can be adapted to different courses and activities. We offer accommodation and excellent meals. Our menus are adapted to the needs and preferences of each group that visits us.

If you are interested or know someone who’d like to rent our facilities and use this space, please contact us. We can help you finalize the details.

  • El Manantial can accommodate up to 32-36 people (rooms with four beds and an en-suite bathroom)
  • A dining room, a work room, a meeting room
  • Several work and leisure areas
  • Our menus can be adapted to your activities and needs. Organic products from nearby towns are preferred in the preparation of our dishes
  • We can help to make your course an experience like no other

Please contact us for more information.