How did El Manantial Human Development Center start?

By José Lopez Guido

How did it all start?

El Manantial Center is the result of my desire to share with others the method of healing I had developed.

Everything started because I was exhausted after the many healings I had performed… I used to start my day at 7:00 seeing people with all kinds of ailments and finish at 10:00 in the evening. I realized that some days I’d take only half an hour to have something to eat. The compelling needs of the people caused me pain but I was fully committed to help them. Moreover, I was achieving good results. I could not stop. I knew what pain was like as I had experienced it myself.

One day, they brought a woman on a stretcher because she couldn’t walk. An hour later, after the treatment I had given her, she left walking. And this way, very frequently, I’d attend to incredible cases: people who’d been deaf before my treatment were now able to hear again; those who were possessed would be set free; overweight individuals would lose weight in a few sessions. I also witnessed how the chronic depressive recovered their zest for life and terminally ill individuals faced their situation with aplomb… Of course, in some instances I couldn’t do anything at all; as if their healing didn’t depend on the patient or me. In those cases, I would only comfort them. I was gradually learning. I discovered that some cases were similar and, therefore, could be handled the same way.

 In due course, I realized there were patterns of behavior and what affected one person was similar to what affected another. I noticed that all physical and mental ailments—and even conflicts arising from human interaction—stemmed from the same violations to natural laws. Moreover, I understood that the resolution of such problems lied in changing the negative attitudes that always ended up damaging oneself or the environment.

Thus, I began to show people what their violations were and how nature interacts with us to keep us from harming ourselves and others.

Nature has a “natural selection system” in place. The purpose of such selection is to benefit those who contribute to the well-being of the environment and hinder those who harm it.

This is the Law of Love, and it’s the basis for the form of therapy I synthetized in 1985. Formerly known as the Seventh Day Regression Therapy, it’s now called the Transpersonal Therapy of the Magic of Love.  

As a healer, I’d show my patients what behavioral patterns they had to change so that they could take their life in the direction they desired. I also incorporated body work into the therapy to release tension and suppressed emotions. With these subtle additions—and behavioral changes—, their ailments were cured and, as if by magic, blockages were removed. Their lives were now in harmony.

I’d understood the nature of the causes of disease and the reason for the absence of results—a lack of love of oneself or the environment. This is the root cause of every ailment we experience. In contrast, giving love produces successful outcomes in our life…

I was able to witness an improvement in the quality of life of every person I healed. Nevertheless, the lacks and needs in a huge city such as Mexico City are as many as the people living in it. And there I was, too tired to treat anybody else. “I’m exhausted!” I thought. “When will I finish helping them resolve their conflicts? I don’t think I ever will.” I realized I had a long waiting list of people seeking my help, people who would have to wait months for a session. This made me wonder, “And the others? When will I see them?” For sure, it’d be easier to train someone interested in implementing my system to then help others, as in a chain reaction. That’s why I’m sharing my experiences with you here.

My Journey

As is the case of many other children, I was born with enhanced skills of psychic perception. I had heightened sensitivity. (Today these children are known as indigos, crystals, or psychics.) With my sensitivity, I was able to see things that I thought everyone else could see. I naively believed that mine was a natural ability everybody had. Then, I realized that not everyone was able to see the aura of a person or those lines of light crossing the sky, let alone see or talk to beings from other realities.

When I understood that other people couldn’t see the things I was able to perceive, I was very confused. “If I can see things others can’t, then I’m different,” I thought, “Or crazy! For sure!” This was a time of confusion, my “darkest hour.” I began to ask myself questions like “Who am I?” “Where do I come from?” “Why am I different?” “Why can I see what I see and why can’t others?” “Why do I have these fears?” I was afraid of heights, of narrow spaces; of rats, spiders, men, and women. I assumed I had two options: either give in to impotence and confusion or find out what was affecting me and deal with it.

My ailments led me to a crossroads. The only option I had was to find answers. I started by studying psychoanalysis for a year, during which I read everything that came my way and was related to the subject. I hungered for knowledge. So much so that I began to read seven books a week. I went from place to place trying to collect the missing pieces I needed to complete my understanding. It was then when I—fortunately—happened to come across a school that taught hermeneutics. There, after seven years, I was given the answers that I had long sought.

With these answers, I merged the knowledge I had—old and intuitive—with new, rational conscious knowledge. Through this fusion, I achieved clarity by developing awareness and, thus, became capable of changing harmful attitudes. And I found inner peace. I had a method with which I could appease my tormented mind. I realized that if I’d applied it to myself and it had worked, I could use it with others as well.

Then, I found out that I wasn’t the only one having problems with enhanced psychic perception. There were thousands of people who were experiencing many different types of psychic ailments. Some were unable to control their emotions; others interacted with realities that weren’t valid for the scientific world, or somatized their inner conflicts; and still others had chaotic interpersonal relationships. All these were the same confusing thoughts and ailments I had once experienced.

I eventually understood that I should share my experiences so that others could overcome their darkest hours.

We are entitled to take control of life! All we need is to remember how!

About José López Guido


José López Guido (1955) is a researcher, disciple of Hermetic Philosophy, trainer, healer and transpersonal therapist with more than 35 years’ experience. He has also written several articles & books, including “El séptimo día” (The Seventh Day) (1993) and “La Magia del Amor” (The Magic of Love) (2000; enhanced edition, 2013).

José has developed his own therapeutic method that produces quick, effective, and transcendental results. His method is known as the Transpersonal Therapy LMA, which was formerly called The Seventh Day Regression Therapy (1985) and was based on the Natural Laws. His therapy is a combination of multiple techniques related to the ancient methods that have been used by healers throughout history.

Over the years, he has dedicated his life to researching and learning from indigenous groups in Mexico and the United States—Yaqui, Mexica, Otomi, Huichol, and Shoshone—, who practice ancestral medicine. Specifically, in 2008, he participated as a speaker and healer at the International Congress on Shamanism and Healing in Mondsee, Austria, which focused on Trauma and Transformation.

Courses and Workshops

José currently provides training in personal growth and teaches several other courses he has designed. These include the following:

  • Inner Liberation Basics I (also available for children and adolescents)
  • Inner Liberation Basics II: Motivation, Self-Control, Communication, and Human Relations
  • Diploma Course on Transpersonal Psychology and the Therapy of the Magic of Love
  • The Ways of the Shaman or Ancestral and Natural Methods of Healing
  • Training of Trainers in Human Relations and Transpersonal Development
  • Refresher Courses and New Methods for Therapists Trained at El Manantial
  • Seminars and trainings in Europe since 2007