Reflections on the Coronavirus

Por José López Guido

We hope that when you read these reflections, you’re vibrating at high energy.

The current situation has given rise to questions among many people, and our students have voiced their concerns. I’d like to address those questions and concerns here.

People are asking themselves what’s happening on the metaphysical plane and how we should deal with it.

What’s been happening, in my opinion, is part of a reordering at the intramolecular level caused by major planetary changes. These include solar flares, global warming, the melting of polar ice caps, genetic manipulation, pollution, electrosmog (radio, television, and mobile phone waves), and even testing of chemical and nuclear weapons. To top it all, there are issues with human relationships, ancestral trauma, emotional instability, negative behavior, marked political differences, injustice, hatred, wars, migration, and repression. All this has caused a series of tensions as well as resistance at the electromagnetic level, which has resulted in a quantitative reaction that manifests itself in the atoms, microbes, insects, vegetation, animals, and, ultimately, human beings.

The virus isn’t evil. It’s just a part of our nature that drives us to adapt to the new conditions. It’s like an implant that is created by our body’s energy to make us better suited to meet the new demands of our time. This happens periodically. It’s part of our evolutionary development—a physical, chemical, and electromagnetic reordering; a sort of update of old behavioral programs and biological survival mechanisms.

This process calls for a high level of energy:

  • Flexibility for metamorphosing. That is, the ability to change at the physical, emotional, and mental level to prepare for this transition.
  • Mental and emotional fortitude to be able to control the major demands placed upon us by the new conditions: social distancing, shrinking family spaces, limited outdoor exposure, and changes in harmful habits, among others.

All these conflicts bring about change while creating tension. They arouse negative ancestral emotions yet again. They’re new conflicts with which we should harmonize.

Guilt, fear, hatred, and resistance, as we all know, prevent change from being smooth and harmonious.

Avoiding change is impossible, as it’s part of evolution. Accepting change is natural. But how?

Where there’s resistance to change, change happens faster and with more intensity. What we resist persists.

Distancing to avoid the risk of contagion, triggers anxiety because our ancestral memory stores old memories of lack and freedom deprivation. When we recall these events we produce adrenaline, which enables us to either flee or protect ourselves. The release of adrenaline is very debilitating and physically and mentally stressful, and it weakens the immune system. It is therefore important to lovingly focus on the discomfort we experience to gradually make it less severe. This way, we manage to preserve our inner peace and center ourselves.

When many people are being threatened, there’s a chain reaction of panic that causes us to lose our center and ability to choose, and mass reactions abound. The masses are driven by panic, not by reason, and their decisions are not always right. They’re at risk of losing their way.

When we are fully conscious of our actions and based them on a thorough analysis, our decisions are right.

“When we are all right, everything is all right. Things are fine in the presence of love.”

When we follow the recommendations of the authorities, we help to contain the problem.

For sure, this difficult experience will make us more complete and will give us a chance to see life with greater fortitude and solidarity.

Lastly, remember, “NEVER LOSE YOUR SERENITY.”

May all work out according to your wishes.

See you soon,

José López Guido