The Keys to Success

By José López Guido.

Everybody asks themselves the same question. Why is it that some are born under either a lucky or an unlucky star? In other words, we all wonder why some do well in life while others can’t. Some explain this difference by saying that less fortunate individuals have been punished by God for not complying with the laws prescribed in religious codes. In contrast, the people who fare well in life comply with these laws, enjoy karma from previous lives, or—simply—have inherited wealth. Still others attribute the lack of results to bad luck or a spell and even to the bad vibes sent by somebody who resents or envies them.

Success is different for each person. For a thief success means pulling a heist, whereas for a good police officer it means catching the thief. On the other hand, success for a corrupt policeman means getting their cut from the thief’s loot with the least possible effort. Still others believe that success consists in achieving a certain status in society.

Success, from a perspective of personal improvement, means enhancing the quality of our life in all regards. That is, improving our health, earning more, and having more harmonious human relations and better control of our emotions—hence, inner peace. At this point, we may ask why some people do well in life while others can’t.

Thinkers of all times have discussed this question. Therefore, a variety of disciplines have emerged to help us achieve the kind of success we desire.

For things to work out, we depend on several factors:

  • The level of evolution of our parents: If the parents’ skills aren’t well developed, their children will not be highly evolved either (although this can be changed)
  • The self-image: This is gradually shaped by personal experiences, which may lead to a poor or a healthy self-esteem
  • The knowledge acquired by the person: The more knowledgeable the individual, the better their command of life
  • The absence of resentment: What we give comes back to us multiplied (If we give hate, we receive hate)
  • The feelings of guilt: Guilt is often an obstacle that hinders our progress in life. When we feel guilty, we don’t feel deserving. If we think we’re undeserving, we won’t receive anything
  • The presence of divided thoughts regarding what is and what should be: When we have conflicting thoughts about what we should do and what we want to do, contradiction becomes manifest in our life
  • The actions that go against what we consider our moral values: If we wish to reach an objective that goes against our moral values, we become our own obstacle
  • The negative influence of people with low self-esteem: If we allow the opinions of such individuals to interfere with our thoughts, we will hardly be able to achieve anything positive in our life
  • Allowing ourselves to be controlled by fear: Fear helps us avoid making mistakes. It shouldn’t paralyze us.

Achieving success means freeing our abilities to overcome the obstacles to our personal self-improvement.

To become better persons, we should put into practice the knowledge passed on by our ancestors. Time and again, they teach the lessons that we must learn.

Attaining success means walking in harmony with the laws of the universe. Disease, lack, absence of results, and the like are warnings to us to regain a harmonious balance. When we are well, all is well.

Creative power manifests itself through our will. All we need is to use the necessary energy, intention, concentration, and time to focus on the desired objective and it will begin to manifest itself. We need to do this without any contradictions, doubt, guilt, or resentment but with faith. That’s all.

The difference between someone who does well and someone who doesn’t is the harmony with which they move through their existence.

The keys to success are in our hands. All we need is to use them to produce the effect we desire. We come here fully equipped to lead fulfilling lives. All that is needed is to remember and apply what we already know. If you have any comments on this publication, please send us an email at [email protected]